Directorate General (P), L&DD, Punjab, Pakistan

                               LIVESTOCK EXPERIMENT STATION

KHIZERABAD ( District Sargodha, Tehsil Sargodha )


22 km from Bholwal, 32 km from Motorway (Salam Interchange), 37 km from Sargodha.  230 km from Lahore.

History & Background:-


1972, land was resumed under MLR of 1972 from Malik Khizer Hayat Tiwana.

1979, the Directorate of Livestock Farms took over the charge of the Farm.

1980, a Development scheme “Establishment of Livestock Experiment Station Khizerabad” was implemented


  • To create infrastructure and develop required resources for organizing the LES, Khizerabad.
  • To exploit all the related resources for breeding and maintenance of Sahiwal herd and kajli Sheep Flock.
  • To collect data on performance traits of both the species for selection and improvement.
  • To commit both herd and flock in a progeny testing Programme of the Government and production of Sires/Rams to be used for the improvement of the lot of rural livestock.
  • Production of progeny tested bulls/Rams is the major function of this farm, which will possess the capability to improve the genetic production potential of rural livestock.
  • In addition to production of progeny tested males, the production data collected at the station will serve as a basis of research on various traits of both these species. Such information is essential as a guideline for the farmers to improve their economy.
  • To serve as a demonstration unit for the farmers.
  • Production of quality livestock through lessees under new strategy


Area and Its Classification:-

 Status of Area
 Canal Irrigation
 Tubewell Irrigation
 Direct Cultivation
 Under lease
 Total Cultiveable area
7233 --174
 Road & Building   113
 Un-commanted   180
 Total Un-cultivable area
 Total Area



Qulity of sub soil water

Availability of canal water

Average Temperature


Rain fall


Marginally Fit for irrigation


winter: 5C to 23C

Summer: 25C to 49C

30 mm

Species Maintained:-

 Cattle Sheep
 Sahiwal (Section strength 450) Kajli (Section strength 1200)

Major Crops:-

 Season Cash Crops
 Fodder Crops
 Rabi Wheat, Oat   Barseem Sarsoon, Canola, Lucern, Oat
 Kharif Paddy, Sugarcane, Monge

Jawar, Bajra, Maize, Sadabahar, Jantar, Swank, Sugarcane, Lobia, Mong, Makhloot